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String quartet op. 11 n°1 in A major
VACHON, Pierre (1738-1803)

String quartet op. 11 n°1 in A major

Serie : Musique de chambre

Sort of sheet music : full score
Reference : CAHIERS-201
ISMN M-56016-201-0
Pagination : 20
Binding : paperback

Price : 8,00 € T.T.C
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The Book


Pierre Vachon, born in Avignon in 1738, was known as a virtuoso violinist who performed on the most famous European stages, including Paris, London, and Berlin. He became Konzertmeister of the Royal Berlin orchestra in 1786. He was also a brilliant composer, particularly innovative for instrumental music: symphonies, sonatas, duets, trios, as well as about 30th skilfully crafted string quartets, among the best in late 18th century in France.

French music publishers from this time used the label “quatuor concertant” for pieces which maintain the balance between the players: the 2 violins, the viola and the cello. They were sold to the “amateur”, from the aristocracy or upper middle-class, usually players of high level, who found in these scores music that they could enjoy playing together.

All the string quartets from this opus 11 begin with a Moderato and include 3 movements, with varied modes and tempi. They last between 10 and 20 minutes, and have no written figured bass, unlike the opus 7, the number 2 of which has been published by the Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles. This seems to indicate a performance without harpsichord. They could be played along with Gossec’s string quartets, already available.

General points
Period : classical period
Genre : secular

Language’s introduction : français
Works : Quatuor à cordes op. XI n°1 en la majeur : Moderato - Allegretto - Rondo
Copyright : 12.2008
Works include :
Quatuor à cordes op. XI n°1 en la majeur
Description of the works
Quatuor à cordes op. XI n°1 en la majeur
Tone : A Major
Duration : from 10' to 19'
N° of the catalogue : opus 11 n°1

Instruments needed : violin (1 & 2), viola, cello
Repertoire for : Chamber Music
Detail 1 : quartet
Detail 2 : string quartet

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