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Magnificat [H.74]
CHARPENTIER, Marc-Antoine (1643-1704)

Magnificat [H.74]

Serie : Chur et orchestre

Sort of sheet music : full score
Reference : CAHIERS-5
ISMN M-56016-005-4
Pagination : 69

Price : 32,90 € T.T.C
Desired quantity :
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The Book

General points
Period : baroque period
Liturgy : Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Genre : sacred
Repertoire for : Chur et orchestre

Language’s introduction : franais
Works : Magnificat 8 voix et 8 violons
Copyright : 10.1997 - 2e edition 2002
Works include :
Magnificat 8 voix et 8 violons
Description of the works
Magnificat 8 voix et 8 violons
Tone : D minor
Duration : from 20' to 29'
Text in : latin
N of the catalogue : H.74
Liturgy : Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Soloists needed : D, Hc, T, B (2x)
Choir formation : D, Hc, T, B (2x)
Instruments needed : Fl, Hb, Bon (1x) Dvn, Hcvn, Tvn, Bvn (2x)/bc
Repertoire for : Choir and orchestra
Detail 1 : multiple choir
Detail 2 : Woodwinds/Strings/bc

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