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Les Troqueurs (The Swappers)
DAUVERGNE, Antoine (1713-1797)

Les Troqueurs (The Swappers)

Serie : Œuvre lyrique
Under collection : Les Essentiels
Sort of sheet music : full score
Reference : CAHIERS-228
ISMN 979-0-56016-228-7
Pagination : 148
Binding : paperback

Price : 37,00 € T.T.C
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The Book


Les Troqueurs by Antoine Dauvergne is generally considered to be the first opéra-comique. Indeed, it was the first piece specially composed for the libretto (to a subject borrowed from La Fontaine), with hardly any vaudeville elements, and adopting the Italian-European Classical style – to foil the fanatical supporters of Italian music, the rumour was purposely spread that it was the work of ‘an Italian musician living in Vienna who had some knowledge of French and was eager to try his skills with that language’. Les Troqueurs, which nevertheless takes the form of a divertissement, like Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona or Rousseau’s Le Devin du village, is sung throughout, with recitatives in the French style, whereas the opéra-comique was to be based on an alternation of sung and spoken passages; the work ends with a typically French ballet.

Les Éditions du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles present the only modern edition of this work, which is of essential importance in the history of French music.

Forces: two sopranos - 2 bass voices - petites flûtes (piccolos) – 2 oboes - bassoons - 2 horns - string orchestra.

General points
Period : classical period
Genre : secular
Repertoire for : Oeuvre lyrique

Language’s introduction : français/English
Copyright : 12.2011
Works include :
Les Troqueurs
Description of the works
Les Troqueurs
Tone : F Major
Duration : from 40' to 49'
Text in : français
Author : Jean-Joseph Vadé

Soloists needed : SSBB [2 D, 2 B]
Instruments needed : piccolo, oboe (1 & 2), horn (1 & 2), bassoon, violin (1 & 2), viola, Basses/basso continuo
Repertoire for : Lyric work
Detail 1 : opera comique

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